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When you visit our dentist office in Gilbert, AZ, you will enjoy comfortable care in a convenient location. The dentists at Value Dental Centers Gilbert are highly experienced, and we all stay informed about the latest developments in dental care. Above all, we firmly believe in the importance of personalized treatment. We will design a custom plan just for you, and we will consider all of your health and cosmetic objectives. Our team will also take your budget into account. We will explain your various treatment possibilities, as well as your insurance and financing options. No matter which procedure we ultimately perform, you will enjoy a healthy, stunning, and long-lasting smile.

How We Approach Dental Treatments

At Value Dental Centers Gilbert, we care personally about each of our patients. When you visit our practice, you are not just a name or a number. We recognize that you have a unique set of needs and goals. Therefore, we will conduct a complete consultation to determine the right treatment for you. You will play an active role in this process, and we will keep you up-to-date about your diagnosis and treatment outlook.

We will also work hard to make your treatment pleasant and low-stress. We offer local anesthesia, so you should feel very little during root canal therapy, filling placement, and similar procedures. We also have an anesthesiologist on staff. If you are preparing for an extensive procedure, such as implant surgery, he or she can provide IV sedation. As a specialist, your doctor can monitor your vital signs and adjust the sedation levels throughout your treatment.

Dental Services

We proudly offer a complete selection of dental services. Regular exams and cleanings are a fundamental part of oral health. Therefore, they are a major focus of our practice. However, we can also provide restorative and cosmetic care to address any dental problems that do arise. For example, our periodontal scaling and root planing can eradicate gum disease and improve your long-term oral wellness. We even offer emergency dentistry and can often get you in for a same-day appointment.

Other dental services include:

Advanced Technology to Improve Your Care

Across the board, we utilize the latest technology to provide more efficient and accurate care. For example, we proudly use laser cavity detection and laser cancer screenings. With these tools, we can uncover dental problems early on when conservative treatments will be enough to restore your oral health. Our in-office milling machine is a hallmark of our practice. With this system, we can take digital images of your teeth and provide same-day “Crowns While You Shop.” Thanks to this technology, you can enjoy complete dental function after just one appointment. Plus, the system will create your restoration from durable, tooth-colored porcelain. Therefore, it will be an almost flawless match to your smile.

Financing and Insurance

We believe that outstanding dental care should be affordable for all patients. We proudly accept all PPOs and most HMOs, as well as AHCCSS. If you do not have insurance, or if your plan does not cover your procedure, our treatment can still fit in your budget. We offer our own “Easy Payment Program,” and we partner with a number of third-party lenders.

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