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26 Jun
Dental Procedures

Common Dental Procedures

Dental procedures are really just a fact of life for many of us today. This is a good thing! This means that dental care has become so widely available, that it’s now a commonplace part of our lives. Our children have regular dental checkups, and emergency care is usually readily available to make sure that […]

01 Jun
Gilbert Cosmetic Dentist

What’s Better? Braces Vs. Invisalign

Everyone wants the perfect smile, but what is the best way to get straight teeth? The average person would probably say braces because for years that’s what we’ve been conditioned to. Before we had the new and improved braces, people had to walk around with huge metal bars around their mouths, just so they can […]

06 May
Early Detection Avoids Major Mouth Problems

Early Detection Avoids Major Mouth Problems

While brushing, flossing, and rinsing may be something that you were taught as a child, they are not necessarily enough to keep you out of dentist’s chair and your teeth away from potential issues.  These are necessary steps and should always be encourage in children, teens, and adults, but there are spots missed, genetic factors, […]

27 Mar
firsthand information

Family Dentist: 5 Tips to Spot the Right Practice in Minutes

When looking for the best family dentist in Gilbert to take care of your family, you need to be diligent. You need to find a dentist who will effectively and faithfully serve your family’s dental needs. You should be able to learn about a dentist without spending money on a costly checkup or minor procedure. […]

28 Jan
Dental Implants in Gilbert

Replace Missing Teeth with a Professional Bridge

If you are missing one to three teeth in the same location due to an accident, infection or just because they never came in, then you need to look at professional dental bridges that will complete your smile. These implants are secure, affordable, and designed to blend perfectly in shape and color with the rest […]

05 Jan

Find Dental Services for Senior’s

Proper dental care is important for individuals at any age but especially if they are elderly seniors, toddlers, or young children. These time periods are when the teeth and gums are at their most vulnerable and special attention needs to be given to ensure that treatment plans are established to strengthen and build healthy mouths. […]

01 Dec

Oral Health Doesn’t Break for the Holidays

Holidays are ideal for sharing good times with family and eating lots of candy and yummy treats, but these aren’t so good for your teeth. Enjoy the season, but make sure that you and the family are scheduled for a routine checkup to guard against development of cavities or other oral health issues. The top […]

21 Oct

Dental Practice that Kids Love

It’s hard to get kids excited about health and wellness especially when not all of the procedures are fun and entertaining, however, the ability to find a dental practice that your kids enjoy going to can be a big ‘win’ in the search process. This doesn’t mean that you have to take them to a […]

19 Oct

When Does a Tooth Need to Be Pulled?

Individuals want to have a beautiful smile and work hard to keep it healthy through brushing, flossing and getting regular checkups at the dentist. Sometimes, despite all efforts there is still a chance that an infection sets in or that a tooth goes bad and needs to be pulled out to avoid damaging the gums […]