Emergency Dentist in Gilbert, AZ

We know that dental problems can occur unexpectedly. That’s why we offer timely emergency dentistry at Value Dental Centers in Gilbert, AZ. We treat a variety of emergencies, ranging from toothaches to completely knocked out teeth. When you call our office, there will always be someone ready to take your call, any time of the day or night. We can advise you about the best ways to care for your emergency at home, often minimizing the extent of the damage right away. Of course, we will also provide effective treatment in the office, many times during a same-day appointment.

Why Choose Value Dental Centers for Your Emergency Care?

If you are in pain or experiencing major dental damage, you don’t want to wait for the care you need. At Value Dental Centers Gilbert, you won’t have to. Plus, we can often fit both new and existing patients in for a same-day appointment. Then we can provide suitable treatment to end your discomfort and, often, save your tooth. Many times, with our in-office milling machine and other technology, we can complete your emergency care in a single day.

How to Care for a Dental Emergency

When you experience an emergency, the way that you care for your teeth at home can often minimize the severity of the dental damage. Our on-call emergency dentist will explain what steps you should take before you come into the office.

Broken and knocked out teeth are among the most common dental emergencies. Often, these problems can occur because of a blow to the face, sports injury, fall, or some other accident. If this happens to you, you should rinse off the tooth or broken piece. As you do, be careful not to touch the dental roots. If the entire tooth is missing, place it back in its socket and gently bite down to keep it in place. In some cases, this may cause too much discomfort. If so, store the tooth in milk, water, or saline. You should also store a broken piece in one of these liquids.

Toothaches are another frequent emergency. They can occur for a variety of reasons, including decay and dental infection. Ultimately, your treatment will depend on the reason for your discomfort. However, mild anti-inflammatory medications and ice packs can usually ease your pain at home.

In some cases, you may have a damaged dental restoration. If your filling comes out, or if your crown comes loose, you can keep it in place with dental cement, available in drug stores. Of course, this is not a permanent solution. Therefore, you will need to schedule an appointment if you want to avoid impaired dental function and significant tooth sensitivity.

Effective Treatment with Lasting Results

After helping you reduce damage at home, we will provide a permanent solution when you come into our office. The right treatment for you will depend on the type and degree of damage, as well as your own personal goals and preferences.

Often, we can place knocked out teeth back in their sockets. However, if it is not possible to save your natural tooth, we can provide a realistic alternative. For example, we can replace missing teeth with a traditional bridge or dental implants. Both types of restorations are made from durable and highly lifelike materials. Similarly, your dentist may be able to bond a broken piece back onto your tooth using composite resin. On the other hand, if damage is too severe, we may recommend a custom dental crown.

There are a number of ways that we can treat a toothache. Because infection is a common reason for dental pain, we frequently perform root canal therapy. This procedure will eliminate diseased tissue and restore your dental function. Other treatment options include fillings and crowns.

If your existing restoration is damaged, we will usually need to replace it with an entirely new crown or filling. Thanks to our state-of-the-art materials and meticulous design process, your restoration will look remarkably lifelike. In fact, it may appear even more realistic than your old crown or filling.

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