Family Dentist: 5 Tips to Spot the Right Practice in Minutes

27 Mar
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Family Dentist: 5 Tips to Spot the Right Practice in Minutes

When looking for the best family dentist in Gilbert to take care of your family, you need to be diligent. You need to find a dentist who will effectively and faithfully serve your family’s dental needs. You should be able to learn about a dentist without spending money on a costly checkup or minor procedure. Well, you can achieve this by visiting the dentist’s office.

You can learn a lot by simply stepping foot in a dentist’s office. It may take you minutes to judge whether or not the practice in question is the right family dentist for you. Here are five aspects to look for when entering a dentist’s office for the first time.

Level of cleanliness

First, take a look around to ensure that all of the surfaces and procedures in the office are of the highest standards of sanitation. It may seem like nit picking, but a good dentist understands the sanitation concerns that come with the nature of their field. Adhering to high standards of cleanliness is a sign of professionalism. It helps separate the wheat from the chaff regarding family dentist practices.

Do they have any certifications?

Most times, a family dentist in Gilbert will have an array of framed certificates lining the waiting room walls. These certifications are assurances to their clients. They help show the dentist is a highly trained and active member of the field. Look for dental school degrees, American Dental Association certifications, and certificates for partnerships with dental schools. If these are not hanging in plain view, politely ask for certification information from staff. You will receive it without hesitation.

Quality of customer service

On walking into the waiting room, how does the staff treat you? Be polite and ask service related questions and about appointment flexibility. You will be able to see how they answer. Are they amiable, and explain all the issues you have? Do they make eye contact, or push forms in front of you and keep their head down? Are you being treated like this is the beginning of a long-term relationship, or are you being shuffled through with other patients?

Level of expertise

Ask to meet with the dentist. You can call ahead to make sure there’s a moment to speak with you and answer questions concerning their services. Ask about any cosmetic dentistry procedures they are trained in. If you have kids, inquire about the steps concerning orthodontic braces as they get older.

You can tell a lot from a sit down meeting with someone new.

Have a chat with some of their patients

While in the waiting room, you have direct access unfiltered current customer testimonials. If a patient seems relaxed in the waiting room, ask them if they’ve enjoyed the dentist’s service. By chatting with current customers, you will be able to gain insight into why customers return to this particular office.

If you live in the Gilbert, and you are looking for a family dentist near you, these tips will be of great help. You will be able to acquire firsthand information within minutes about a prospective family dentist.