Pediatrics Dentistry & Dental Sealants

We are committed to your family’s ongoing dental health. While restorative treatment is important, our first goal is to prevent dental problems from arising in the first place. Preventive treatment is especially important for children. When young patients have good oral health, they are more likely to have strong, beautiful teeth as adults. Therefore, we proudly offer dental sealants at Value Dental Centers in Gilbert, AZ. Sealants will keep food and bacteria from accumulating inside the tiny crevices in your child’s teeth. In this way, they can greatly reduce the risk of decay. Plus, because they are so durable, sealants will protect your child’s smile into his or her teenage years. Because we believe so strongly in the importance of dental sealants, we even offer a Free Sealants Program for children under age 11.

Candidates for Dental Sealants

In most cases, pediatric dentists provide sealants for children once their adult molars start to come in. Because there are two sets of molars, we will often perform this treatment twice. Typically, the first set of molars will come in between ages 5 and 7. The second set will usually erupt between ages 11 and 14. In other cases, however, we may recommend sealants for adults and younger children, especially if they have very deep grooves in their teeth.

Placing Dental Sealants

Before placing sealants, our pediatric dentist will usually perform a routine cleaning. Then we will place a cotton barrier around the teeth to keep them dry during treatment. To ensure that the sealant adheres properly, we will treat the teeth with a mild chemical agent. The solution will create microscopic grooves in the enamel, increasing the surface area. Finally, after rinsing and drying your child’s teeth, your dentist will apply the liquid plastic material. In just a few minutes, the plastic will harden, forming a clear or white shield over your child’s teeth.

The Benefits of Dental Sealants

Cavities form when bacteria interact with starches in food, creating acid that will erode dental enamel. Once the enamel wears off, bacteria can easily get inside teeth, eating away at the softer tissues below. Sealants will create an additional protective layer over your child’s molars. Pediatric dentist will also fill in the deep crevices, which will keep bacteria and microscopic food particles from building up inside. Therefore, sealants can greatly reduce your child’s risk for dental decay.

Decay is a recurring problem. Once patients develop their first cavity, they are more likely to have additional cavities in the future. Therefore, by placing sealants at a young age, we can promote a lifetime of oral health.

Caring for Your Child’s Teeth after Sealants

While sealants can greatly reduce the risk of decay, they are not failsafe. It is still necessary to take care of your child’s teeth and to teach him or her about good dental hygiene. Of course, brushing and flossing is vital. Routine cleanings and exams are also essential. That way, we can remove the bacteria that lead to cavities. We can also check for the early symptoms of decay, and we can monitor your child’s dental sealants. We can even touch-up worn or chipped sealants, though this is rarely necessary.

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