Replace Missing Teeth with a Professional Bridge

28 Jan
Dental Implants in Gilbert

Replace Missing Teeth with a Professional Bridge

If you are missing one to three teeth in the same location due to an accident, infection or just because they never came in, then you need to look at professional dental bridges that will complete your smile. These implants are secure, affordable, and designed to blend perfectly in shape and color with the rest of your teeth so that no one will ever know the difference.

The dental implants are performed by quality dentists in the city of Gilbert utilize state of the art tools and resources. Patients can leave the office with their bridge on the same day the treatment plan is created. This is accomplished using hi-tech equipment such as a digital scanner to obtain exact images of the patient’s teeth and gums. Pictures are uploaded to a computer program on their chair-side milling system and the bridge is built tooth by tooth per the instructions.

One of the most important factors, besides fit, in building a successful bridge is the coloring. Porcelain can be manufactured in a bright white color but if the patient’s teeth have a yellowish tings or are dull white then the bridge will stand out in an awkward manner. So the dentist takes time with a coloring chart to ensure that all the natural teeth and bridge look the same so that patients do not have to feel self-conscious about the dental implants. They may even recommend a teeth whitening session if the patient wants to cosmetically improve the appearance of their smile and then manufacture the bridge once that is complete.

While dental implants can be done in a day, the first step for any patient is scheduling an appointment with the best dentist in Gilber.t Getting a routine exam and set of x-rays accomplished first. This gives the dental provider a foundation upon which to build an accurate treatment plan and to ensure that the patient is receiving the best care for both preventative and restorative measures. Go online today and check out their Website for affordable Dental Implants in Gilbert.