Scaling and Root Planing

Our team is fully committed to your ongoing oral health. Because we recognize the serious effects of gum disease, we offer a full range of periodontal treatments. Scaling and root planing is one of the most effective options for moderate to severe periodontitis. During this procedure, also known as a deep cleaning, one of our skilled professionals will clean bacteria from your gums. He or she will also smooth your tooth roots, making it less likely that bacteria will gather there in the future. At Value Dental Centers in Gilbert, AZ, we have a highly skilled team, and we use powerful local anesthesia. Therefore, you will experience minimal discomfort during or after your procedure.

Are You a Candidate for Scaling and Root Planing?

As stated above, scaling and root planing is a common treatment for gum disease. If you have periodontitis, bacteria have formed pockets in your gums. These pockets can cause a number of oral health problems. Signs of gum disease can include:

If you exhibit any of these symptoms, you may be a candidate for scaling and planing. Our dentists will first evaluate your oral health to determine the severity of your condition. If you only have mild gingivitis, a regular cleaning may be sufficient. On the other hand, if you have severe gum disease, you may require a more extensive treatment, such as gum grafting.

What Does Scaling and Root Planing Involve?

Once your dentist determines your eligibility for a deep cleaning, he or she will numb your gums. Then your practitioner will remove bacteria from your soft tissues and from around your tooth roots. He or she will also smooth your roots, eliminating microscopic fissures and crannies. Because these areas can easily trap bacteria, root planing can reduce your risk for a gum disease flare-up. Your dentist may use a manual tool called a curette or an ultrasonic scaler. In either case, he or she will work very carefully and meticulously. In this way, the procedure will have minimal impact on the healthy parts of your gums. In some cases, we can complete scaling and root planing in a single visit. However, if you have more severe gum disease, you may require three to four appointments.

What to Expect after Scaling and Root Planing

Although we use very gentle techniques, you may experience some slight inflammation after your deep cleaning. You can reduce this discomfort by eating a soft diet and using an anti-sensitivity gel for a few days. With this care and proper oral hygiene, irritation should subside quickly.

Good dental care is essential following scaling and root planing. Although a deep cleaning will effectively remove bacteria, gum disease is chronic. Without appropriate care, microbes will return, and your symptoms could be worse than before. Therefore, you should practice outstanding daily hygiene, brushing at least twice and flossing at least once every day. You should also visit the dentist regularly. Although we usually recommend biannual exams and cleanings, if you have been diagnosed with gum disease, you may benefit from more frequent visits.

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