Second Opinions in Dentistry

Are you feeling unsettled because of a dental diagnosis? If so, you may benefit from a second opinion. When you visit another practice, you may find that your original diagnosis was incorrect. In other cases, your regular dentist may be right. However, a second opinion will give you greater peace of mind as you receive necessary treatment. We provide honest and accurate second opinions in dentistry at Value Dental Centers in Gilbert, AZ. Our team will use our advanced diagnostic technology to evaluate your oral health. Then we will make a diagnosis and treatment recommendation in keeping with your needs. At our practice, there are no obligations. We will provide a high level of service, even if you choose to go elsewhere for your care.

Do You Need a Second Opinion?

There are several situations in which a second opinion may benefit you:

  • Your dentist diagnoses a serious health concern, such as oral cancer or severe periodontal disease
  • Your dentist diagnoses decay or infection, despite a lack of symptoms
  • Your dentist tells you that you need to replace a large number of dental restorations, even if you have not noticed any damage
  • Your practitioner will not show you your x-rays or provide details about your diagnosis
  • Your dentist does not present multiple treatment options
  • You simply do not feel comfortable with your regular dentist

The Benefits of a Second Opinion

In most cases, dentists make treatment recommendations that they believe will be in their patients’ best interests. However, due to inexperience or poor technology, diagnoses are sometimes incorrect. When you seek a second opinion, you can benefit from the knowledge and advanced tools at another practice. Often, you can find a specialist who may be more qualified to treat your condition. For example if you have gum disease, a periodontist can often provide more effective care than a general dentist. In other cases, you could have additional treatment options that are less invasive and less costly. With a second opinion, you can learn more about these alternative procedures.

Of course, your regular dentist could be correct in his or her treatment recommendation. Nevertheless, with confirmation from another practitioner, you can make clear-headed decisions about your treatment. You will also feel more calm and relaxed as you prepare for the care you need.

Second Opinions at Value Dental Centers Gilbert

When you are looking for a second opinion, you want to visit a trustworthy dentist who puts your needs ahead of his or her own. At Value Dental Centers, we are honest and committed to your complete wellness. We will meticulously evaluate your oral health and make a detailed diagnosis. Often, we will use our advanced diagnostic technology, such as laser cavity detection, to make a more accurate assessment. If there are multiple treatment options available, we will outline all of them at your consultation. Considering your budget, health, and cosmetic goals, we can help you choose an appropriate option. Finally, at Value Dental Centers Gilbert, we have a number of specialists on staff. These doctors include a periodontist, endodontist, oral surgeon, and more. Therefore, you are sure to receive qualified, expert care.

At the same time, you are under no obligation when you visit our practice. We are happy to provide affordable, effective treatment at our office. However, you can also go back to your original dentist or go somewhere else, if desired.

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Do not undergo dental treatment if you are concerned or skeptical about your diagnosis. Contact Value Dental Centers Gilbert today and schedule a second opinion.