We proudly offer a full range of dental services using the latest technology and meticulous techniques. At Value Dental Centers in Gilbert, AZ our team is committed to your comfort and long-term oral health. Preventive care is one major area of focus. With routine dental visits, we can often avert decay and gum disease. Alternatively, we can diagnose these conditions in the most easily treatable stages. At the same time, we know that dental problems may still develop. Therefore we offer a broad range of treatments to meet all of your needs. We can even provide same-day emergency dentistry services in many cases. In this way, we offer you and your family the finest quality dental care.

Preventive Services

Dental cleanings and exams are fundamental parts of our practice. During cleanings, we can remove the bacteria, plaque, and tartar that ultimately lead to gum disease. Simultaneously, we will evaluate your oral health, using our state-of-the-art technology. With x-rays, laser cavity detection, and laser cancer screenings, we can diagnose serious conditions very early on. Then we can restore your smile and oral health using affordable, conservative treatments.

Dental sealants are another important preventive treatment, especially for children. Liquid sealants will harden over molars. Thus, they will create a barrier to keep bacteria and food from accumulating in the deep crevices. Because we are so committed to your family’s long-term health, we proudly offer a Free Sealants Program for children under age 11.

General Dentistry Services

When you come to Value Dental Centers Gilbert, you will benefit from our comprehensive services. In particular, we will pay a great deal of attention to your periodontal health. Although we work hard to prevent gum disease, we can also treat the condition if it does arise. Scaling and root planing is one of the most common treatments. We will remove bacterial pockets from your gums and smooth your tooth roots to prevent flare-ups of the condition.

We are also concerned about your overall physical wellness and its relation to your oral health. If you suffer from bruxism, sleep apnea, or snoring, we can provide a mouth guard. Custom-made from impressions of your teeth, your device will rest comfortably in your mouth. A bruxism appliance will keep your teeth from touching. A sleep apnea device will realign your jaw to tighten your soft palate.

Restorative Dentistry and Prosthetics

With our state-of-the-art milling technology, we provide incredibly realistic dental prosthetics. Whether you simply have a damaged tooth, or you are missing all of your teeth, our custom-designed restorations will repair your smile. Often, we can provide same-day crowns and bridges. These prosthetics are crafted here in the office from a block of solid, naturally-colored porcelain. We can also provide equally realistic full and partial dentures, crafted in a trusted lab. If you are looking for the ultimate in stability, consider an implant-supported restoration. Dental implants will replace your tooth roots and uphold a prosthetic that will never slip out of place.

Our team can also perform simple and complex extractions. Of course, we will always try to save your teeth first. However, if you have severe damage, or if you do not have enough room for your wisdom teeth, extraction may be appropriate. Finally, root canal therapy is another important procedure that can often eliminate the need for an extraction. Our treatment is very precise and involves minimal discomfort.

Cosmetic Treatments

Although your oral health and function is our number one priority, we also want you to enjoy an aesthetically pleasing smile. Therefore, we offer a full range of cosmetic dentistry procedures. Porcelain veneers are a popular option because they will cover your teeth and fully conceal blemishes. Like our dental restorations, veneers are custom-made from the latest types of porcelain. If you do not qualify for veneers due to enamel erosion, or if you are on a budget, consider bonding and contouring. With these procedures, your dentist can reshape your teeth and conceal flaws, usually without any prep work. Invisalign® is another treatment that can improve both your appearance and your overall health. This treatment uses clear aligners to straighten your teeth discreetly and comfortably. Finally, we can provide either in-office or take-home teeth whitening as an easy and affordable way to enhance your grin.

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