Without timely treatment, a toothache will worsen. Eventually, discomfort could become debilitating, and the overall structure of your tooth could be severely damaged. Toothaches can arise for a variety of reasons, so there are several different treatment options. Common procedures include fillings, dental crowns and root canal therapy. At Value Dental Centers in Gilbert, AZ, we are equipped with the latest diagnostic technology. Therefore, we can accurately determine the cause of your toothache and perform an appropriate procedure. No matter what treatment you need, your care will involve minimal discomfort, and it will quickly ease dental inflammation.

What Causes Toothaches?

Infection is a leading cause of toothaches. An infection will arise when bacteria and acid eat into your tooth, eventually reaching the soft pulp in the center. This pulp contains blood vessels and nerve endings. Bacteria will then travel along the nerves down into your root canals. Pain can then radiate into your jaw, lower face, and even your ears.

Cavities can also cause toothaches, though they do not always manifest symptoms until the later stages. Decay develops when bacteria interact with starches to form acid. The acids will erode your dental enamel and, gradually, the deeper layers of your teeth.

You may also have a toothache in a cracked tooth. A large crack will expose your dental nerve, and you could feel sharp, shooting pains, especially when you bite down. Pain may also get worse when you eat very cold foods.

Preventing Toothaches

Of course, the best way to treat toothaches is to keep them from developing. To that end, regular dental hygiene is essential. Along with brushing and flossing at home, you should also schedule routine cleanings and exams at our office. With cleanings, we can eliminate the oral bacteria responsible for decay and infection. During an exam, we can also check for the earliest signs of decay. At Value Dental Centers Gilbert, we use state-of-the-art laser cavity detection. This tool can uncover tiny cavities, long before they are visible to the naked eye and before you experience any discomfort.

Treating Your Toothache

Although we emphasize preventive care, we can also provide effective treatment if you do develop a toothache. In fact, we also offer emergency dentistry services. If your pain is particularly severe, we can often get you in for a same-day appointment.

The right procedure for you will depend on what is causing your toothache. If a dental infection or cracked tooth is to blame, we will usually recommend root canal therapy. Many patients associate this procedure with immense discomfort. However, you will actually feel very little during your treatment. After numbing your tooth, your dentist will clean the bacteria and infected pulp from inside. Your practitioner will then reshape your tooth before restoring it with a custom-made dental crown. With our same-day crowns, we can usually complete root canal therapy in a single appointment. In some cases, a crown alone will be enough to restore a cracked tooth.

A filling will usually be appropriate if you have a small or medium-sized cavity. The restoration will seal your tooth to keep bacteria from getting inside. It will also strengthen the walls of your tooth. We proudly offer only tooth-colored fillings. White composite is more realistic, and it can restore your tooth more effectively than traditional metal.

Contact Us to Relive Your Discomfort

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